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Why Choose Us

SQA² delivers the experts, processes and tools to establish top notch continuous software quality engineering and testing in fast moving, quality-sensitive product development teams. Our Southern California-based teams are ready to jump in to help you deliver difficult projects and uplift your internal ability to deliver your next software reliably faster and with fewer defects.


Enterprise Software Quality Assurance

Deliver Better Software, Faster

Is your project under the gun of intense time pressure while maintaining high quality? Changing requirements, time to market pressure and development delays all squeeze needed testing and quality assurance to find and correct defects. Agile development methods and Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) help gain control over the development time pressure but the quality problem persists.

When your software project has to deliver high quality under time pressure, then SQA² will help. SQA² experts integrate into your project team, designing tests and processes to occur in-cycle with development. Using world-class processes, automating regression testing and test management, plus scalable testing resources, SQA² can help you ship the highest quality products at the speeds your project demands.

Eliminate Rollbacks and Delays with Automation

There is no agony to a product manager as painful as a rollback of your code after release. Second worst is the embarrassment of your customer or boss finding a serious defect in production. You’re not alone, serious defects happen all the time because software is ever more complex, requirements are less rigorously defined, and relentless pressure to ship code faster. With the right people and processes, this pain doesn’t have to continue.

By embedding SQA² Quality Engineering experts into your development teams, requirements are broken down, and test cases are automated in lock steps with development cycles. This process improves the upstream requirements and avoids the downstream defects. Using test case management systems to automated testing, and a scalable team to add new automations, SQA² can design and execute automated regression to catch mistakes at the speed of development.

Uplift Your Internal QA Team to World Class Skills

If your quality team is too small or too busy, your product quality suffers. As your development team moves increasingly fast with agile methodologies, better tools, and more integrations, your QA is stagnating. QA isn’t getting the attention or budgets needed to uplift a QA team to advance as fast as development.

SQA² is dedicated to advancing the processes and tools to make QA better, faster and more automated. We love to share and uplift your own teams. Our process and technology experts come along side your teams during project planning and execution to transfer our skills into your teams. Our customers prize our willingness to upscale their internal teams so they can learn and continue to operate with world class skills for years to come.

Scale Up Your QA Teams

Companies often find they lack good QA resources for a project. Surges in projects outstrips the team, hiring more QA teammates isn’t an option or your outsource QA contractor let you down. Whatever the case, SQA² is here to help companies in Southern California with scalable resources to fill your needs. SQA² isn’t a body shop, were a practiced and trained team of experts backed by tools and our unique Software Quality as a Service (SQaaS) facility. SQaaS members support our on-site experts to rapidly create and maintain automated regression tests you need to scale up fast and deliver quality software day-in and day-out.

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